About me

Sarah Sward O’Connor, Founder and Genealogist

I’ve been enchanted by genealogy research for more than half my life. My passion for the craft comes from my grandmother who researched our family history for 40 years before passing the torch (and, happily, her research) to me in 1995. Looking back, I want to acknowledge this wonderful lady’s role in igniting this life-long interest in me; looking forward I want to give something back to the field.

I want to create beautiful heirloom quality products that capture our care and efforts as genealogists. We work so hard at uncovering our family history; it’s a shame to hide our work on a hard drive or in a filing cabinet. Our efforts deserve special ways to honor and memorialize the ancestry we discover.

My hope for this site is that you’ll find products and information that will inspire you as you research your family’s past and that it’ll serve as a practical starting point for those of you just embarking on this fascinating and gratifying journey.

I live in Florida, by way of New York and Washington States. I love creating, crafting, collecting and, yes, even classifying and cataloguing. Thanks for visiting and let me know what you think!