Hearts are heavy in Moore, Oklahoma after a tornado ripped through their town, indiscriminately destroying homes and lives. It has been just over a week since the disaster hit this close-knit community but already efforts are underway to reclaim the neighborhoods from piles of debris; what is left of houses and schools torn from their foundations. While many local citizens try to cope with their losses, hundreds of good Samaritans turned out to rescue a bit of their town’s history from the rubble.

A cemetery heavily damaged by debris and winds is being given a second life in Moore. Broken headstones are being resurrected and the peace restored to this sacred resting place. This heartwarming story is a reminder of how a connection to our past and a sense of community are therapeutic in these times of dire need.

For those that live outside of Oklahoma, let us remember how important it is to care for our buried. Many cemeteries far from the threat of tornadoes are being destroyed by vandalism, severe weather and neglect.

For more information on how to support the victims of the Moore, Oklahoma tornado, please visit www.redcross.org.